Happy Tails: Shane

shane66 headBRB rescued Shane from Irvine Animal Shelter at the request of their adoption coordinator. He had come to Irvine from Carson, CA, shelter as part of their second chance program … moving dogs to different locations where they have a better chance of being adopted. Shane was adopted by a family last Fall, but returned to the shelter for “back biting” – nipping at ankles of people after they came into the house. Being labeled as a biter prohibited the shelter from adopting him to the public, and could only release him to a rescue or put him down. The staff at Irvine believed in Shane and all the goodness that he had to offer.

Shane was the first of four dogs scheduled to meet Mary Lou from San Diego. It was love at first sight, and Mary Lou never met the other dogs. Shane was the one!

Mary Lou recently wrote … “Well my lovie is named Nube (pronounced Nu-vee) which means “cloud” in Spanish.  He is such an unbelievable sweetie!  I am hopelessly in love with him.  He just completed his second class in dog obedience and I am so pleased with his progress.  He now sits and pays attention (maintains eye contact) to me and is almost in a heel.  I think he is extremely bright and only needs loving attention and training. Oh, he is such a honey dog! Thank you! --  Mary Lou